How to replace an iPhone 5s battery guide

Hey there! Today we are going to walk you through changing over your old or damaged Apple iPhone 5s battery. The process is fairly straight forward and can be done with little fear of damaging your iPhone – aslong as you’ve had a little screwdriver experience haha. Apple can take upto 2 weeks to return your phone once you send it in for servicing, which isn’t an option for most of you! A little tip that isnt shown in the video that works a treat, is to preheat the battery a little with a hair dryer to help loosen the adhesive seal

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Thanks to ifixit for the great video

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  1. Had an Iphone 5s back in the day, thought it needed a new battery as well but turns out it had a virus in it that made it unusable. Got a new phone after that, but thank you for the informative video nonetheless.

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