How to replace an iPhone 5s battery guide

Hey there! Today we are going to walk you through changing over your old or damaged Apple iPhone 5s battery. The process is fairly straight forward and can be done with little fear of damaging your iPhone – aslong as you’ve had a little screwdriver experience haha. Apple can take upto 2 weeks to return your phone once you send it in for servicing, which isn’t an option for most of you! A little tip that isnt shown in the video that works a treat, is to preheat the battery a little with a hair dryer to help loosen the adhesive seal

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Thanks to ifixit for the great video

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Picture!

Is Samsung really going to release a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus? Early images of possibly the newest phone to hit Samsung’s line-up , where just leaked by OnLeaks. The leakster claimed the dimensions to be: 154.45 x 75.80 x 6.85mm, which is 108.69% taller than the original Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. At those dimensions the device would have a 5.5” inch screen but it isn’t proportionate to the original, so there is still some speculation to the trustworthiness of the leak. It’s definitely worth following, if you were planning on purchasing a larger Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Apple iphone 6 plus anytime soon.

Mobile Mob Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Mobile Mob now accepts payment via Bitcoin. We decided to join the digital currency revolution, and offer our customers another convenient and safe way to pay for purchases. All you Bitcoin miners can now spend your hard earned coins with us! This makes us one of the only mobile accessory companies in Australia to accept Bitcoin payments.

 You can find out more about bitcoin here