NEW iPhone 7 Unboxing: Jet Black and Matte Black

It was only a week ago when Apple unveiled its latest iPhone on September 7. In 2016 we get what’s called the iPhone 7 – the newest device to be added to Apples range of iPhone’s. They quickly sold out in a matter of just 10 minutes, an un-boxing video, thanks to Marques Brownlee, has hit the web comparing the new iPhone 7 Jet Black (which might scratch easily) with the iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black. The video also runs us through the new iOS 10 operating system. Apple iPhone 7 Accessories are due to arrive shortly, and we can confirm older iPhone 6/6s cases or covers aren’t compatible with the new iPhone 7. Watch the unboxing below to get a better look at the latest iPhone and let us know if you’d still prefer the iPhone 6s or you will make the upgrade in the comments section!


Why is my Fitbit not charging? Common issues and fixes

Quite often we have customers purchasing a new cable from us in hope of fixing their charging issues. Occasionally there is another issue preventing their Fitbit device from recharging. Below are some of the tips we share to help them work out the cause of the problem.

1.There is grime or dirt on the charging contacts

Fix: Try cleaning them gently using a cotton earbud, toothpick or toothbrush. This can help improve your charging time as well.

2.A faulty or inconsistent charging source

Fix:Try a different USB port or your phones USB charger. Remove any usb hubs or try a different usb port on your computer. Most chargers provide the required 1.0A to charge a fitbit

3.Tracker isn’t connected to the charger—Try reconnecting your tracker to the charging cable. If your tracker has a display, you’ll see a battery icon while it’s charging. Fitbit Flex™ lights up while charging. If you have a Fitbit Alta™, make sure the charging contacts are clipped into the Fitbit Alta charger.

4.Fitbit device Firmware is outdated

Fix: Update your tracker using the instructions provided on Fitbits’ website. They periodically release updates that fix bugs and improve your devices performance.

5.Tracker has totally freaked out and isn’t responding

Fix: Restart the device

If you try all the above and that doesn’t seem to fix the charging issue your Fitbit battery maybe be faulty or you require a new charge cable. Unfortunately if your battery is faulty your device will have to be sent back under warranty. The design makes its virtually impossible to easily replace a battery inside a Fitbit. If you decide it might be your cable that’s faulty we have a range of Fitbit cables available here.

6. Your Fitbit doesn’t seem to be responding, or jittery especially after you just charged it.

Fix: Try removing your fitbit band,  its common if you have an aftermarket or metal band installed, a static charge can sometimes build up and interfere with the electronics.

How to replace an iPhone 5s battery guide

Hey there! Today we are going to walk you through changing over your old or damaged Apple iPhone 5s battery. The process is fairly straight forward and can be done with little fear of damaging your iPhone – aslong as you’ve had a little screwdriver experience haha. Apple can take upto 2 weeks to return your phone once you send it in for servicing, which isn’t an option for most of you! A little tip that isnt shown in the video that works a treat, is to preheat the battery a little with a hair dryer to help loosen the adhesive seal

If you need to purchase a replacement battery consider buying one from us here

Thanks to ifixit for the great video

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Picture!

Is Samsung really going to release a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus? Early images of possibly the newest phone to hit Samsung’s line-up , where just leaked by OnLeaks. The leakster claimed the dimensions to be: 154.45 x 75.80 x 6.85mm, which is 108.69% taller than the original Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. At those dimensions the device would have a 5.5” inch screen but it isn’t proportionate to the original, so there is still some speculation to the trustworthiness of the leak. It’s definitely worth following, if you were planning on purchasing a larger Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Apple iphone 6 plus anytime soon.