Simple Guide to Samsung Galaxy Charger Cable Types

Judgement day is here and you need a new Samsung Galaxy charger.

Whether it’s an extra cord for your new phone or a replacement because the last one gave up on you, getting mobile phone cables when you don’t know what to get in the first place is a trial in of itself. Here is a simple and comprehensive guide to help you to help you ease your burdens.

To get the right charger and cable, you first need to understand what a USB is. Not surprising is that there are also many types of USB charger cables.

What is a USB?

Phones usually follow a standard when it comes to charging ports and, in this case, it’s the universal serial bus. The universal serial bus (USB) is a popular connection used to connect two devices. Chargers and phone use this connection and here is a list of these different USB types used in Samsung Galaxy charger.


This USB is the most commonly used to connect devices to computers and power outlet adapters. This type of USB is only used for data transfer between two devices or for charging your device.


You can use this USB to connect a device to peripherals (or accessories) and has a different shape from the standard USB-A. Examples of peripherals are printers and hard drives. The creation of this USB type is to prevent the connection of two mobile devices.


This USB type is relatively new to the USB scene and it has a higher transfer speed and power flow than the previous two USB types. This USB can transfer up to 10 GB/s, saving you time when you transfer files to and from your phone. Along with this, this USB type has a different design the USB type A and B which you can plug in either right side up or upside down.


This USB type is similar to the USB-C in size but it is slightly different. This USB type is the most common among the mobile device users and it is for cameras and other gadgets that require a smaller connection. This USB type also allows your phone to read data from a source such as memory sticks and flash drives without needing the use of a computer.

USB Versions

USBs come in different forms and speeds depending on its version. As technology progresses, so did the need for better connections had to keep up with better phones. The speed of a USB 3.0 cable and USB 3.1 cable are five GB/s and ten GB/s respectively. The advantage of this USB is that it has backward capabilities meaning that you can use this cable on ports that only support older USB types. You can identify the USB 3-A and USB 3-B by the blue plastic inside the USB end.

Know your Mobile Phone

If you haven’t done so already, it’s important that you get to know all the details your device. Like fitness bands and smartwatches, there are many versions and models of smartphones from Samsung.

The Galaxy series has around 14 different categories and features the S Series and Note series which have different specifications for each. In this case, you need to know the ports that your phone has so you can find a compatible cable for your device and here is how.

Steps to Identifying Your Cellphone

Across the different Galaxy phones that Samsung has released, you might be finding yourself confused with exactly what phone you have. Here are the steps in identifying your Samsung Galaxy device.

Hard Print Approach

Open the back cover of your device and check if the model name is on the back of your device. Look at your battery if you still cannot see the model but do not force your battery out of your phone if it’s not removable.

Settings Approach

If you’re still don’t know which model you have, you can your phone by selecting the settings application. Once opened, you can access your phones information by navigating to the “System” tab and selecting “About Phone”.

Box Approach

If all else fails, you might consider looking for the box your phone came in. Your phone information, including the model name, will be printing on the box or the manual that came with your device.

However, it’s important to know that methods of finding your device info can vary from phone to phone due to differences in design or operating system versions. Once you’ve noted down the name of the device, the next step is checking your device specifications needed to pick the right Samsung Galaxy charger.

Which USB Does Your Device Use?

Depending on available technology and other factors, phone manufacturers change the ports on their phones used for charging or connecting devices over time. Now that you know your device, you can check the following list to see what Samsung Galaxy charger connects to your phone.

S Series
Samsung Galaxy S to Samsung Galaxy S7: Micro USB
Samsung Galaxy S8: USB-C
Note Series
Samsung Galaxy Note to Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Micro USB
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Note 8: USB-C

If your phone is not on the list, you can find out your USB type by checking your phone on the official Samsung site. Another method you can do is to check what port it’s using by checking your device info using benchmark applications available in the app store.

USB Cable Lengths

USB cables come in different lengths too. The shortest ones range from 3 inches to 6 inches. Most cables start at 1.5m to 3m long, like the micro USB charger for the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy S series.

Connect Your Samsung Galaxy Charger to What?

All you have to do now is to identify what you will connect to the other end of your device. If you plan on file transferring and charging on the go using your standard electrical socket, you can get a cord which is removable from your adapter. In such case, you’ll probably need the standard USB type A on the other end of your cord to accommodate.

However, if you don’t need to transfer files, you may want a cord that is permanently attached to your adapter to avoid messy cord bundles. Remember that when selecting adapters for your charger that it complies with your country’s standards including volts, adapter plug type, etc.

What Samsung Galaxy Charger Do You Need?

Overall, through this guide, you learned how the different types of USBs and its uses. Additionally, you found a way to get the information from your device needed to determine what type of USB you need to connect to your phone. Using this information, you can determine which Samsung Galaxy charger you need, after considering what the cord will connect to on the other end.

Are you still unsure about what charger is right for you? Would you like to know more information about the charger types? Contact us today to find the right one for your charging needs!

What is the Best Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit?

Are you the person who can’t drive anywhere without turning their radio all the way up? Do you hate having to browse through AM/FM stations to find something other than overplayed songs or commercials?

It sounds like it’s time to invest in your love of music and get a Bluetooth handsfree car kit. Such a tool can save you much time and frustration searching for the perfect station. Not to mention, you get to be in control of what you listen to!

Most Bluetooth radios are worth every penny. Although, there are arguably some that provide a better value than others.

To make sure you get the absolute best speaker for the best price, check out our list of the best options available.

Special Samsung and iPhone Options

Just as the kind of music you enjoy is a personal preference, the way you listen to your music can be up to you, too. There’s no reason to settle for the standard sound system that comes in your car.

With the help of the following Bluetooth handsfree car kit options, you can take your listening experience to the next level.

Here are the best choices to pick from for Samsung and iPhone users.

Speaker Kit for Samsung Galaxy Note

Don’t want to deal with your car system at all? Have nothing to connect a traditional Bluetooth speaker to?

Not to worry, the Bluetooth handsfree car kit made for the Samsung Galaxy Note clips right onto your sun visor. There’s no easier installation than that!

All you have to do is charge the speaker and make sure you have it with you next time you get in the car. Then, simply connect to your Galaxy Note, go to your favorite driving playlist, and enjoy.

It really is that simple to solve all your music listening issues while driving.

Speaker Kit for Samsung Galaxy S4-S8

The clip design made for the Galaxy Note’s Bluetooth handsfree car kit is also available for the speaker that is compatible with the Galaxy S4-S8.

This makes it easy to switch speakers if you decide to trade in phones somewhere down the line. More so, it makes all the best listening options available to you, regardless of the kind of Galaxy you own.

With this car kit, you can relax and kick back while your favorite songs play automatically. Such an experience is made available by intuitive auto-pairing that connects the device to your phone instantly every time you get in the car.

Plus, there is a button for answering, declining, and ending phone calls, which keeps safety a top priority. It’s much better to lift your hand to the sun visor real quick and push a button than to take your eyes off the road and pick up your phone in order to manage calls.

Speaker Kit for Apple iPhone 4S, 5C, 5S, 6S

Loving all the features mentioned above, but conflicted because you’re more of an Apple person than a Samsung fan? You’re in luck – there’s a Bluetooth handsfree car kit for the iPhone, made to connect with the 4S, 5C, 5S, or 6S.

These are iPhone models that most people have forgotten about in light of the 8 Plus release and the iPhone X craze. But, we know there are many users with older models who need to support their love of music, and that is where this speaker comes in.

This handsfree car kit attaches to the sun visor, but in a different way than the models mentioned above. The buttons are redesigned to create a sleek, modern look.

The result? A beautiful, efficient car kit that plays everything you want with an ease you can’t even imagine until you experience it in the driver’s seat yourself.

Speaker Kit for Apple iPhone 4-8

Just as there are a few variations of the Samsung Bluetooth handsfree car kit models, there is another iPhone option available, too.

This is sure to be the best bang for your buck if you own an iPhone as old as the iPhone 4 or as recent as the iPhone 8. The Bluetooth device packs a lot of power in a small tool.

It lasts for up to 17 hours after only 3 hours of charging. You can enjoy it while you’re cruising down familiar roads or from a distance of 10 meters if you decide to park somewhere and take rest from driving.

For particularly long distances, or if you forget to charge the device at home, keep a USB cord handy. If your car has a chord plugin for phone charging, you can use it to connect this car kit, too.

Such preparation efforts ensure you always have the best tunes ready to play.

A Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit for Any Phone

What if you don’t have a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone? Are you out of luck?

No way! You just need to be a little more resourceful about the kind of Bluetooth handsfree car kit you buy. One of the best options out there is this Bluetooth FM transmitter.

FM Transmitter with USB Port

Pro tip: this device takes a little more time to set up, but it’s totally worth it!

To get it ready to pair, you have to connect the FM transmitter into the auxiliary socket of your car’s speaker. From there, align a local radio station with the frequency of the device.

Then, connect your phone via Bluetooth, put it away, and hit the road!

With just a few simple steps, you’re ready to take on the journey ahead with all the best tunes to accompany you.

Speakers to Enjoy Anywhere, Anytime

There’s nothing like the joy of driving around with the windows down and your favorite songs playing loud and proud – especially when there are no commercials or interruptions to worry about. With the right Bluetooth handsfree car kit, it’s just you, your music, and the open road.

To take music with you anywhere, anytime, you may need something else. A portable speaker is the best option to keep handy. This way, you’re always prepared whether you’re at the beach, going to a party, or setting up camp somewhere.

For the ultimate portable speaker choice, click here.

What is the Fitbit Alta? What is the Fitbit Alta HR?

For a long time the leader in the health and fitness wearables market, Fitbit continues to set itself apart from the competition with a combination of style, functionality and a super user-friendly app.

Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Alta HR are designed for those who want a great wearable without sacrificing style. With interchangeable bands, Alta has the versatility to suit any outfit and any occasion.

But what other great features are packed into it?

Here’s our guide to what makes Fitbit Alta different from other fitness watches.

Fitbit Alta Functions

First, we’ll begin with a breakdown of everything you’ll find in both the Alta and Alta HR.

Then we’ll give you the lowdown on the extras you’ll get from the HR version.


The interface of the Alta is designed to be very simple. Minimal information is presented on a screen with no buttons. The screen is not touch sensitive.

That being said, it responds to a tap (waking it up, and moving you from screen to screen) and presents the info very clearly. It also doubles up as a watch and you can set the display to landscape or portrait, depending on your preference.

Activity Tracking

This is the key feature of all fitness wearables and the Alta is no exception.

The Alta tracks steps, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, activity by the hour and stationary time.

All of this syncs with the Fitbit app on your smartphone, giving you a user-friendly breakdown of everything you’ve done through the day. So far, so standard, right?

This is where Fitbit take it up a notch.

Motivation to Move

The Alta isn’t just logging your activity, it’s analyzing it too.

Meaning that if it feels you’re a bit sluggish today, it’s going to tell you! This also works in reverse by congratulating you when you do meet your goals, helping you to feel good about staying on track.

Your goals are fully customizable in the app so it’s tailored to you and what you want to achieve.

Additionally, without needing to even touch a button, the Alta will recognize when you’re beginning a workout. The Alta will record this so you can monitor your gym progress as well.


Another great feature of the Alta is that it syncs with your smartphone, giving you notifications.

Call, messages and calendar appointments all flash up on your wrist, prompting you to take a look. This means that you’ll never miss another important call or message again.

Sleep Tracking

One of the Fitbit Alta’s key selling points is its sleep tracking.

By wearing your Fitbit while you sleep, you can wake up to an in-depth analysis of your slumber the following morning.

It tells you how long you’ve been asleep, when you’ve been in deep sleep, restless and when you got up. This can help you spot patterns and issues with your sleep that could be impacting the rest of your life.

You can then make the needed adjustments, just from wearing this little piece of kit you’ll hardly notice is there.

Another feature we like is the vibrating alarm. We all hate been rudely awoken from a deep sleep by the sound of the alarm tone on our phones or an alarm clock.

The vibrating alarm is a far more civilized way to come to, if you ask us!

Battery Life

Another great feature of the Fitbit Alta is that it only needs to be charged about once a week.

With an advertised battery life of 5 days, and customer reviews testifying to this, it’s one less thing to worry about finding a plug for at the end of the day.


The key feature of Fitbit Alta is that it is totally customizable.

Apart from replacement bands that come in all the colors of the rainbow, there are stylish leather and stainless steel options that class it up, and make it fit for any occasion.

Designers bands like Dots Designer Stainless Fitbit bands put the chic into fitness tracking, with a style you could easily wear on a night out.

Fitbit Alta HR – Bonus Features

It’s all in the name. HR – standing for Heart Rate, adds an additional heart rate monitor that is checking your pulse constantly.

This has several key benefits:

Weight Loss

The heart rate monitor allows you to more accurately gauge how many calories you are burning each day. This makes it easy to get the equation between calories in and calories out right – supporting your weight loss goals.

More Effective Workouts

Your heart rate is a great indicator of how much your workout is taxing you – therefore, how much benefit you are getting from it.

Using the monitor while working out will help you to know when to take it up a level for maximum burn, and when to tone it down.

You will then be able to review your workouts afterward on the app or online, to work out what your next goal should be.

Monitor Your Resting Heart Rate

Do you ever wonder whether working out is really improving your health?

Monitoring your resting heart rate can help you see the fruits of your labor. A lower heart rate is generally a good indicator of good cardiovascular health.

By wearing the Alta HR through the day and the night, you’ll get an overall picture of where you’re at, and what you need to be doing to improve your stats.

Summary: Fitbit Alta and Alta HR

The Alta is a great piece of kit – small, stylish and discreet. The HR version takes its functionality to the next level with heart-rate monitoring that can have a real impact on attaining your health and fitness goals.

It may not have all the bells and whistles of an Apple Watch or some other chunkier competitors, but it scores highly in the style stakes.

Customizable bands also take it to the next level, making it as much a fashion statement as a piece of technology.

Check out our awesome range of custom and designer Fitbit Alta bands for any occasion and outfit.

Your Guide to the Samsung Gear S3 Watch

Smartwatches have become all the craze over the past couple of years due to their sleek designs and technological capabilities. But, there are so many to choose from that it can be difficult to pin down the one that’s right for you. Depending on what you’ll be using it for will also depend on the watch you need.

So, where do you start?

You need to pay attention to each and every feature that the watch comes standard with so that you can decide how it will work best for you. Of course, you’ll also be interested in how it wears on your wrist. You want it to be functional and comfortable, after all.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new smartwatch to make your life easier, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re discussing the Samsung Gear S3 Watch and all it can do for you.


The Samsung Gear S3 Watch features somewhat of an industrial design that makes it more masculine, although some women do prefer this watch over others. The face is made of gorilla glass so you won’t have to worry about it chipping or scratching. The rotating bezel and buttons make it easy to access all of your apps and other functions.

This watch weighs in at 62 grams making it a bit heavier than other watches. But the durability is in the build.

Text Messaging

Who wants to pull their smartphone out each time they get a text message? And, why should you when the Samsung Gear S3 Watch displays your text messages for you?

With a few simple clicks, you can even respond via text message right from your smartwatch so long as your phone is nearby. It works with Bluetooth technology to share information from your phone to your watch. This way, you don’t have to fumble, searching your pockets in order to communicate with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Phone Calls

Just as the watch uses Bluetooth to connect your phone, you can also use it to make or receive phone calls. The calls will ring directly on your watch where you can answer it using headphones. You can even use it without headphones, simply talking at normal levels so that people on the other end can hear you.

Save yourself from holding a phone to your ear during that long conversation with your mother and just use your smartwatch, instead.


The GPS feature on this watch is simple and easy to use. Simply find your settings from the Apps menu screen and tap on connections. Then tap on location twice to enable the tracking feature. You can choose from GPS & wireless networks, wireless networks, or GPS only.

GPS comes in handy whether you’re out running a route or getting lost on your way to a faraway place. And, it’s all happening right on your wrist, although you can see the GPS on your phone if you need it, too.

Fitness Tracking

One of the most popular functions of the Samsung Gear S3 Watch is the fitness tracking capability. You can use it to track your workouts whether you’re running, biking, walking, or engaged in intense cardio. If you like yoga or pilates, it can track that, too!

All you have to do is find your fitness tracking app in the apps menu and direct it to track your workout. The watch will monitor how many calories you burn, miles trekked, and notify you in intervals of your choice as to how long you’ve been at it.

Heart Rate Monitoring

If you’re interested in keeping tabs on your heart rate, this watch can help. It will monitor your heart rate the entire time you have it on your wrist. You can check your heart rate on your own, too.

The watch will keep a running record of your rates so you can see averages and times when your heart rate increased due to activity. This function also works with the fitness tracker to indicate your heart rate during workouts.

Sleep Tracker

If you’ve ever wondered how well you really slept, the Samsung Gear S3 Watch is for you. It will monitor your sleep and tell you not only how long you slept, but how deep the sleep actually was. You can see light, moderate, and motionless sleep patterns on your watch when you wake up.

It’s incredibly accurate so that you can get a better understanding of your sleep patterns. Whether you’re a heavy or light sleeper, this watch will indicate the hours of rest you’ve achieved.


The battery life for the Samsun Gear S3 Watch is comparable to other watches available. But, keep in mind that Samsung recently rolled out updates to improve the battery life so that you can have up to 28 hours of usage time. You can get 72 hours in Standby mode.

Also be mindful that the battery life will depend on how you use the watch. If you’re constantly connected to Bluetooth or have a weak signal, it could go faster.

Samsung Pay

One of the greatest features this watch has to offer is the Samsung Pay functionality. Simply pay for your items at any grocery store, convenience store, or department store that allows for the option. All you have to do is find the Samsung Pay app in your apps menu and swipe the watch in front of the credit card reader so that funds are directly debited from the account you have connected.

Samsung Gear S3 Watch Bands

The Samsung Gear S3 Watch comes with a standard silicon watch band in either large or small to fit different sized wrists. But if you don’t like those bands, there are plenty more available from various manufacturers. You can find leather, metal, and silicon bands depending on your preference and price range.

Bringing It All Together

The Samsung Gear S3 Watch is a smartwatch that knows no bounds. With its sturdy design and ultimate functionality, it is one of the smartest purchases you can make. You’ll be the talk of the town wearing this watch and all of your friends will envy the technology.

Don’t settle for anything less while you can use this watch to track your health and fitness, make phone calls, and get organized with only the touch of a few buttons. The competition can’t compare to this incredible timepiece. You can use this watch for years to come without concern that it will break or become outdated.

If you have a new Samsung Gear S3 Watch and have more questions, feel free to contact me! This is your source for everything mobile.