Top 5 iPhone X Features

When Apple announced the iPhone X, everyone was excited to see how the new phone would compare with previous models. There has been solid demand for the new phone, with close to 6 million phones sold over the Black Friday weekend alone.

Anytime Apple unveils a new iPhone model, people wonder whether the upgrade is worth it. If you’re considering switching to an iPhone X, you should have a solid understanding of the new features the phone will include, and the new accessories you’ll need.

Below, we’ve put together a guide of the top 5 new iPhone X features. Read on to learn more.

1. Unlock the Phone with Your Face

If you currently have an iPhone, you’re probably used to using your fingerprint to unlock your phone. The new iPhone X features a Face ID instead.

To activate the Face ID unlock, you’ll have to actively look directly at your phone screen.

For security reasons, it won’t work if your eyes are closed or you’re looking in a different direction. This is so no one else can unlock your phone by pointing it at your face.

2. New Access to Apple Pay

When Apple Pay first launched, many iPhone users were excited about the feature because it made it more convenient to make purchases.

The iPhone X includes Apple Pay and makes it even easier to access. All you have to do is double-click the side button on the right-hand side of the phone, and Apple Pay will launch automatically.

3. The Home Button Gets Swapped Out

In order to expand the size of the screen, the iPhone X does away with the physical home button that lower iPhone models feature.

Instead, the iPhone X features a home indicator at the bottom of the screen. The home indicator can be used to unlock your phone and activate the app switcher.

Not having a home button may take some getting used to, but the increased screen real estate is well worth it.

4. Notifications are Hidden

Getting a preview of a text or email when your phone is locked can be convenient, but it can also be a security issue. When notifications pop up on your screen, anyone can read them.

The iPhone X automatically hides notifications, so if you leave your phone out to other people, they won’t be able to read an expert on your messages. When you have Face ID enabled and look at your phone, the notifications will appear again for only you to see.

5. Create Custom Animojis

If you want to add some fun and personality to your messages, you can create a custom Animoji based on your Face ID.

With an Animoji, you can record and send messages that will incorporate your facial expressions, which will make receiving a message from you that much more exciting for your friends and loved ones.

Ready to Explore More iPhone X Features?

The iPhone X continues Apple’s legacy of combining innovation and style into every product they make. If you’re thinking about buying one, explore some tips and tricks that could help you make your decision.

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15 iPhone Secret Codes You Should Know Right Now

The beauty of the iPhone is its simplicity and its easy user interface. One of its major marketing points in the early years was it so easy it doesn’t need instructions. But it really should come with a list of iPhone secret codes.

Your iPhone can now do an ungodly number of things, and it’s hard to keep track of them all.

You might hold your phone in your hand every day for a year before you realize that it can do something really awesome. For example, they can place phone calls. Who knew? We look forward to trying that someday.

It’s a pretty safe bet that most of the people involved with designing the iPhone don’t even know everything you can do themselves. But that’s why we’re here. To let you know on some quasi-secrets about your favorite device.

So here are 15 things that your iPhone can do, that you might not know.

1. Delete Apple Apps

Are you a heavy hitting mover or shaker on the stock market? Neither are we. Can you intelligently describe what the Dow is? Neither can we.

This is why we kind of found it odd that Stocks were standard on all iPhones and you couldn’t delete the app. Even though it was taking up precious memory. The same goes for other apps that come standard like Books, Health, or Podcasts.

That’s now changed and you can delete any app you want, and save space on your phone for the apps that you actually use.

2. Text with Better Grammar

You may have noticed you can install a lot of new apps into the iOS messaging. This could include new text effects, custom emoji’s or gif files, or a neat little spelling/ grammar checker called Grammar Snobs.

This is particularly useful for people who are frequently messaging co-workers.

3. Turn off Individual Read Receipt

We love this feature. Again, this can be very useful for people who use their phone for work, and their office might have a standard read receipt policy.

However when you’re messaging with your friends and family, you might rather turn the read receipt feature off, so they can’t tell you read that text and you weren’t actually napping.

4. Do More From the Control Centre

You’ve probably noticed that you can flip up from the bottom of the screen to open control center. This gives you access to quick and frequently used applications that people like to be able to use in a hurry.

But you might not know that using varying amounts of pressure over each one of the icons can unlock new features. For example, you can adjust how bright the flashlight shines.

5. Raise to Wake

If your hands are dirty or something, you can check your phone for messages or the time by simply raising it up, without touching the screen or the home button.

Simply open your Settings app, then select Display & Brightness, then tap the Raise to Wake switch.

6. Control Your Music

You can control your music by flipping up your control center, then swiping to the left to reveal more options. You can skip forward or back, pause it, or even switch to an external playing device like Airplay over the wifi.

However, this only works for Apple Music. You cannot use this screen to control your Spotify or Google Play music.

7. Delete All Your New Notifications at Once

If you’ve been slacking on your notifications, you may have amassed quite the pile of them. And you may not care about any of them.

You used to have to delete them all one by one, which is tedious when you’ve got dozens. Now you can delete them all in a single shot.

Simply press down on the X in your notification center to bring up the, “Clear all notifications” options. And boom, they’re gone.

8. EFR mode

Looking for a crystal clear voice quality for a conference call? Or are you just tired of repeating yourself?

This is one of the best iPhone secret codes to improve your voice quality. Dial *3370# to turn on Enhanced Full Rate to get the possible voice quality from your end.

There is a bit of a trade-off though. The improved quality will shorten your phone’s battery life.

9. Turn Call Waiting On or Off

Some iPhone secret codes can keep you from having to waste time calling customer care. For example, you can activate call waiting by dialing#43#. Or, you can switch it off by dialing *#31#

10. Block Your Number

Looking for some anonymity? You can block your number on your next call by dialing#31#Phone-number + call

11. Check Your Available Minutes

On postpaid phones, you can quickly dial *646# to get an update on your available minutes.

12. Check Your Bill Balance

Like the previous two iPhone secret codes, you just have to punch this into the keypad. You can dial *225# to check your bill balance.

This one also only applies to postpaid phones.

13. Check Missed Calls

You can also punch in*#61# to view the numbers of your missed calls.

14. Display your iPhone IMEI

Sometimes when you’re troubleshooting, making a change, or selling your phone, you need your IMEI (it stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity). You can quickly get this by keying in *#06#.

15. Open Your Field Mode

This one can tell you a lot. Punch in *3001#12345#*. This opens up field mode, which can tell you your current personal settings, your cell information, and newest network.

Looking For More Than iPhone Secret Codes

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The Moment Lens: A Must-Have for Mobile Photography

Taking pictures and sharing them with other people has become a critical selling point for mobile phones. Nearly all mobile phone owners report taking pictures is a feature they use often.

Phones can take great pictures, but sometimes you may want more. Luckily, there are ways to improve your phone’s capabilities.

Are you someone who wants to get past those limitations and take higher quality mobile phone pictures? Read below how using a Moment lens will help you achieve that goal!

Better Picture Quality

People like to take pictures with their phones because it is easy. They always have their phone, so they never miss a picture worthy moment.

Choosing to purchase a Moment lens takes that ability to the next level. It gives your mobile phone the power of a professional camera. There are interchangeable lenses to use for landscapes, up-close photography, and more.

Using these lenses allow you to capture images in more detail and clarity.

Ease of Use

Moment lenses are simple to use. They mount to your phone by use of their photo cases that are made of protective rubber.

To attach a lens, you line up the lens with the case and twist. This provides a sturdy and safe way to use your new lens.

The Moment lens family also is very smooth to use due to the mobile app that is available. The app gives you options while taking a picture to help capture a better image.

One fun aspect of the Moment app is a feature that gives you assignments to help you get better at photography and improve your creativity.

You can also input what lens you are using at the time. This info will be included in the file info so the images are easier to sort later on.

This app definitely is one your iPhone shouldn’t be without.

Stylistic Lens Options

Another benefit to investing in lenses from Moment is that there are different options to suit your photography style.

First, there is the telephoto lens. This is great for portraits or landscape shots. There is also a wide angle lens. This lets you capture a larger area when shooting landscape photos.

The wide angle lens can also be helpful when taking large group photos.

The macro lens has a built-in light diffuser so it can capture a high level of detail. While newer iPhones can already zoom in for detail, when combined with a macro lens, the outcome is breathtaking.

Finally, there is the superfish lens. This is helpful when shooting a small space.

High-Quality Product

Lenses from Moment are a quality product that you won’t regret investing in. They are heavy and sturdy. They are made of metal and a very high-quality glass.

With proper care and storage, your lenses will last you a long time.

Get your Moment Lens Today

As you can see, utilizing lenses from Moment can open up many doors for you and your journey into mobile phone photography.

Whether you want to start shooting landscapes while traveling or document your family through portraits, there is a lens for you.

Which lens are you most excited to test out first? Let us know in the comments!

External Heart Rate Monitors for Your iPhone

One of the biggest draws of the iPhone is its ability to help customers track their fitness, no matter if they’re workout buffs or beginners. With countless fitness apps available, the iPhone is a fitness fanatic’s favorite.

Unfortunately, the iPhone does not come with an active heart rate monitor, and the monitor on the Apple watch is a battery drainer.

For this reason, many iPhone and Apple watch owners resort to using external heart rate monitors to track their fitness. Read on to find some of the best ones on the market today.

1. Fitbit

The Fitbit has become one of the most well-known external heart rate monitors. The Fitbit tracks many different aspects of your fitness, including the time of your workouts, the calories you burn, and the nutritional aspects of the food you eat.

The Fitbit also comes with an impressive social aspect. Thanks to the various styles to choose from, it’s very likely that many of your friends and family are already using their own Fitbits. Fitbit allows you to connect and share your workout details with other Fitbit owners, giving you a unique, social aspect to your workouts.

2. Garmin Vivofit 3

One of the biggest issues for wearable tech these days is a limited battery life. Luckily, Garmin set out to combat this problem with the Vivofit 3. The Vivofit 3’s main selling point is a battery that lasts an entire year!

The Vivofit 3 is truly ideal if you are trying to keep track of your heart rate at all times of the day, without the worry of charging it. 24/7/365 tracking has many benefits, including the ability to track your sleep patterns and form a more consistent overview of your health.

3. Wahoo Tickr

While the general population is growing more and more interested in external heart rate monitors around your wrist, they may be ignoring a more accurate source. Chest heart rate monitors are a great fitness tool, and many fitness buffs prefer them over any other monitors.

The Wahoo Tickr is a great heart rate monitor that you wear around your chest to track your activity. All of Wahoo’s heart rate monitors are connected to their easy-to-use app that can track all of your workouts to a very accurate degree.

If you’re truly committed to keeping a steady, reliable track of your heart rate, it may be time to look outside of the norm and pay attention the Wahoo Tickr.

External Heart Rate Monitors: Looking Forward

Now that you know some of the very best external heart rate monitors on the market, there’s no time to waste! All of these tools are a great purchase for anyone looking to see a more in-depth picture of their own fitness.

What makes many of these external monitors great is their customization. Just like an iPhone and its case, these monitors have many different bands that customers love to interchange in order to personalize their tools even further. If you’re looking for the perfect band, case, or accessory for any of your devices, don’t hesitate to visit our website!