Top 10 Fitness Trends 2018

Getting lean and fit has never been trendier than in recent years. Nowadays, working out isn’t just for weirdos and muscle heads. It’s for anyone and everyone.

No matter who you are or what you’re into, there’s a fitness class or new workout routine out there for you.

Looking to stay on top of your fitness game and get a fresh start in the upcoming year?

Read on for the top 10 fitness trends 2018, and get ahead of the curve by trying them out now:

1. HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Topping the list of fitness trends 2018 is HIIT or high-intensity interval training.

This intense workout regimen consists of bursts of hard exercise cycled with short periods of rest.

HIIT has experienced a surge in popularity over the past decade. It’s a favorite choice for millions of gym goers, especially those with a busy lifestyle. People love it because it gets results – and gets them quickly.

2. Wearable Tech

Wearable fitness technology has continued to increase in popularity in recent years.

From external heart rate monitors to clip-on devices that track sleeping patterns, there are dozens of products that will blow your mind.

Most people have at least one app on their phone to track and monitor their health goals. Some even use several apps together to make fitness more achievable.

Smart watches, step trackers, GPS devices are all a great choice. When it comes to fitness and technology, there’s probably an app for that.

3. Yoga

This is a trend that’s been going strong for thousands of years!

Though yoga has been around for ages, it’s just as popular today as it was centuries ago. More and more people are opening up their minds and turning to it to reap the benefits.

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of yoga. From a slow and restorative yin yoga to an intense and sweaty Bikram yoga in a heated room, there’s something for everyone.

4. Online Classes

Don’t lie and say you’ve never searched “quick easy workout” on YouTube!

The rise of YouTube stars has also seen a rise in what’s sure to be one of the top fitness trends 2018. More and more people are fitting in exercise into their busy lifestyle.

Online workouts can be done anytime, anywhere. You can work out at home, on the go, or in hotel rooms.

A quick search on the Internet will return you hundreds, if not thousands, of video workouts. Many of them are designed by qualified fitness instructors. Online classes have garnered millions of views, and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

5. Elderly Options

Until recently, seniors were not really into exercise. As people got older, they stopped working out. It was common for the elderly to be frail, weak, and stiff.

In 2018, that’s not the case anymore. People are finding ways to look and feel younger for longer, and staying fit helps them do that.

Fitness classes for older adults are all the rage. Your grandma has no excuse to skip her workouts. In this day and age, people are embracing the concept that fitness truly is for everyone.

6. Fitness for Life

In today’s world, people don’t always see the point of lifting weights. Many still associate strength training with those big guys in bodybuilding magazines.

Instead, people want to work on a fitness routine that complements and enhances their life. They’re looking for an enriched lifestyle, not another task on their to-do list.

Whether that means playing tennis with friends or working on sprints so they can easily run after their toddlers, people today don’t want to feel like they’re wasting time when working out.

7. Personal Trainers

Another one of the primary fitness trends 2018 will see is the continued rise of personal training.

More people than ever are going into this field. That’s because the demand is higher than ever.

Personal training fits the busy schedules and hectic routines of the modern person. It’s one of the most efficient ways to get a great workout in less time.

8. Getting Outside

Working out in the sparkling sunshine not only gets you fit and healthy. It also provides a much-needed dose of Vitamin D.

More people than ever are opting to take their workouts outside the gym. From hiking to surfing or rollerblading on the beach, there are plenty of ways to exercise outdoors.

9. Rollers

Have you ever seen people on the ground at the gym, rolling around on a long log-shaped thing?

That’s a foam roller! If you haven’t tried it yet, prepare for your life to change.

Rolling out your muscles after a hard workout helps eliminate soreness. It also relieves tight muscles and speeds up recovery. Not only does it feel great, but it also has many health benefits.

10. Exercise as Medicine

Fitness and working out have grown in popularity because they’re good for you.

People are beginning to understand just how much a regular workout regimen can benefit their lives. They’re turning to exercise as preventative medicine rather than a grueling thing to do.

Treat your body well and it will return the favor for many years to come. Gone are the days when we had to be fit to impress others.

In 2018, we turn to fitness for our own self care!

Fitness Trends 2018 and Beyond

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iPhone 8 vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which Should You Choose?

Apple used to make it easy for consumers to choose their products. They put out a new one, and they flew off the shelves.

Now, with the release of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, consumers are split on which one to buy.

If you’re still not sold on the newest iPhone X, either of these options is suitable alternatives. Still, many people wonder: iPhone 8 vs. iPhone 8 Plus, which one should I buy?

Ahead we’ll take a look at both so you can get a better understanding of which is the right choice for you.

What’s The Same?

Although the iPhone 8 vs. iPhone 8 Plus debate will mainly focus on the difference between the two phones, both have some of the same features.

Either will be an upgrade if you still have an iPhone 7, and the two are actually similar in more ways than they are different. Apple made both models out of custom glass, which is supposed to be the strongest ever featured in a smartphone.

Unlike the iPhone X, both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus have the home button and finger scanner you’re used to. They have the same storage options, and neither seems to take the edge when it comes to battery life.

The phones also have the same internal schematics. They’re the same when it comes to power level, so you won’t be getting much more performance if you upgrade to the iPhone 8 Plus.

What’s Different

One considerable difference is the price tag. This element will depend on your cellphone plan, but the iPhone 8 Plus will likely cost around $100 more than the iPhone 8. So, what are you getting for this extra money?

If money isn’t a concern, the iPhone 8 Plus is a slight upgrade to the iPhone 8. The display of the base iPhone 8 is only 4.7 inches, while the iPhone 8 Plus boasts a 5.5-inch display. This small difference in display size accurately represents the entirety of what’s different between these two phones.

Other than that, the only major difference is the camera. The iPhone 8 has a standalone 12-megapixel rear camera. The iPhone 8 Plus, on the other hand, has a dual-lens camera.

These lenses allow you to capture better pictures in difficult lighting situations. Furthermore, the portrait lighting option adds a whole new element to capturing photos with your iPhone.

If phone photography is a driving factor in your purchasing decision, there’s only one choice: the iPhone 8 Plus. Apple focused on optimizing photography with both iPhone 8 options, but the dual-lenses in the Plus fully realize their attempt.

iPhone 8 vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Verdict

Although the difference between the two phones is minimal, there’s no denying that the iPhone 8 Plus is more of an upgrade. If money isn’t a concern, then there’s no reason not to select the Plus over the base iPhone 8.

If you want to save some money, though, the iPhone 8 is certainly the budget option. It has many of the features of the iPhone 8 Plus for a considerably lower price tag.

Either phone is an upgrade in battery life, camera, and wireless charging over the iPhone 7. All you need to decide is if a better camera and larger display are worth the extra cash.

If you have any other questions about the newest iPhones, head over to our blog!

Top 10 iPhone Workout Tracker Apps For 2018

Fitness related goals are always at the top of any New Year’s “resolution.”

While getting healthy is a common desire, it can be difficult to stick to fitness resolutions.

Are you planning on making changes in your life to get healthy? In order to make sure you stick with it, check out the top ten workout tracker apps that will lead to success!

1. Nike+ Run Club

To start the list of apps you need to check out for 2018, there is Nike+ Run Club. While there are various trackers designed for running, this one works flawlessly if you have an Apple Watch.

This app has GPS that will track the distance and location of your runs. It stores years worth of runs so you can see your long-term progression or compare your runs.

Another great feature? You can add and follow friends through the app. Because you are able to share your activity, you can work together to keep everyone on track with their fitness goals.

Nike+ Run Club also offers training programs at varying levels, depending on your experience and running goals.

2. Couch to 5k

If you are interested in running for the first time in a while, you may want to choose Couch to 5k for your first workout tracker.

This app is excellent for true beginners. In nine short weeks, you will go from walking a mile to running a successful 5k.

The training plan is easy to fit into even busy schedules. There are usually anywhere from one to three workouts per week.

3. Fitbit

If you decide to purchase a Fitbit, the companion app will give you a deep look into your activity. The Fitbit app has evolved over the years and now provides tracking for many health-related factors.

One benefit to using Fitbit as your workout tracker? If you are carrying your phone and forget to wear your Fitbit, the app will still capture the steps you take. Be sure to clean your Fitbit to ensure it lasts.

You can compete with friends in challenges to keep motivated and moving every day. The Fitbit app also provides you with information on how well and long you are sleeping.

4. Charity Miles

Want some extra motivation for running or biking? Charity Miles gives you the chance to give back while getting healthy.

This workout app allows you to choose a charity that sponsors will donate a certain amount of money every time your workout.

While the amounts may seem small at first, the more people who use the app, the better.

5. Sworkit

Do you like variety? Sworkit, which is short for “Simply Work It” may be perfect for you. This app gives you the choice to select workout length and areas to focus on. You can select anywhere from five to sixty-minute lengths.

This app is great for anyone who doesn’t have access to a gym. Most of the workouts rely on just using your body weight and can be done anywhere.

The app gives you options for strength, cardio, yoga, and stretching.

6. Fitocracy

It is well known that a reward-based system can help us build or break habits. Fitocracy uses this principle to help you achieve your fitness or weight loss goals.

With this workout tracker, you earn points any time you workout. With these points, you unlock awards, raise your level, and take part in various quests.

With this app, there is a large community you will join. This will help you remain accountable to your goals.

7. Strava Running and Cycling

Strava is the workout tracker you should choose if you enjoy running and cycling. The app allows you to track your run or ride and analyze your performances over time.

Similar to other apps, Strava lets you earn achievements and compete with friends to stay active. It also has set training plans you can take advantage of.

8. Nike Training Club

This workout tracker has more than one hundred videos at all levels. The videos in Nike Training Club are guided so you will always know what is coming up.

With this app, you are also able to choose a training plan to follow. A bonus to this app is that your favourite athlete just might have a video you can work out to. Some examples include Ellie Goulding, Kevin Hart, and Kyah Simon.

These workouts can be done anywhere, so you don’t even need access to a gym.

9. My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal seamlessly syncs with various activity trackers that track your heart rate to give you insight into how many calories you are burning.

But if you don’t use a fitness tracker, don’t fear. MyFitnessPal also has a library of exercises you can choose from to keep track of any workout you did.

One huge benefit to using this app as a workout tracker is that is also is one of the best calorie counters. This means you will be able to see calories in versus calories out in order to reach your goals.


For anyone into lifting at the gym, JEFIT is a perfect fit. Many people carry notebooks when lifting to keep track of sets and what weight they need to use that day.

This app bypasses pen and paper and allows you to use your phone to easily keep track of your workout. You can create your own workout with all your favourite exercises.

If you don’t have a specific routine just yet, JEFIT also has a bunch of preset options available for free.

Choose Your Workout Tracker for the New Year

Now that you have ten great fitness apps to choose from, what are you waiting for? Whether you prefer running or lifting weights, there is a workout tracker for you.

By researching and choosing the perfect app for you, you are ensuring you will be successful in reaching your fitness goals.

Which app do you plan on using in the new year? Let us know in the comments!

Care for Your Body & Soul With These Yoga Apps

If you love to exercise your body and mind with yoga, you aren’t alone. It’s estimated that 1 in 10 people in Australia practice yoga.

Loving yoga is easy, but finding time to do it can be tough. Scheduling classes and keeping to a schedule can be tricky.

Luckily, there’s something simple you can use to help you reach your yoga goals.

The Best Yoga Apps

Do you want to improve certain poses and stances? Are you interested in finding a yoga schedule that works for you? Do you just want to do more yoga overall?

There’s an app for that!

There are so many apps available for fitness lovers, but there are some apps for yoga we feel stand out from the rest.

If you want to up your yoga game, be sure to download these yoga apps.

Pocket Yoga

Do you want to do yoga anywhere, anytime? If you’d love to have a yoga teacher on the go, you need to download Pocket Yoga.

This app is available for iOS and Android and can help you improve your poses. The app doesn’t just give you helpful instructions, it can also help you regulate your breathing.

You can choose the length of the workout and the difficulty level based on your skill. As you improve you can earn karma points and unlock more exercises.

5 Minute Yoga

Do you want to fit more yoga into your day? If you have five minutes, you can do stretches to get a quick workout.

5 Minute Yoga is for both iOS and Android, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular yoga apps that specialize in fast workouts.

These bite-sized workouts can be done to quickly destress and energize yourself after a long day or could be done multiple times for a full workout.

Some people choose to do them every other hour during the day so that they can feel like they got in enough exercise when they go to bed.

FitStar Yoga

Do you love learning yoga from experts? FitStar Yoga features the popular former model turned yoga instructor Tara Stiles, and could one of the yoga apps you’ll fall in love with.

So far, FitStar Yoga is only available on iOS. It has the option for you to choose a personal trainer that can guide you through your workouts.

As you complete more workouts and improve your skill level, the workouts will get more challenging. Reviewers have praised the app’s personalized workouts and its usability.

Simply Yoga

Are you looking for yoga apps that can help out beginners? Simply Yoga can help you get started with a few simple poses.

There are a few preset routines that can last for 20, 30, or 40 minutes. The app comes with plenty of helpful instructional videos that can help beginners pick up tricky poses.

Your Turn

Do you have some favorite yoga apps that didn’t make our list? Have you use some of the apps on our list, and want to tell us what you thought of them?

Tell us about it in the comments!

If you’re interested in other great apps, check out our post on must-have apps for the iPhone 8.