3 Reasons You Need A Garmin Vivofit 3

A shocking 63.4 percent of Australia’s adult population is now obese or overweight.

And with the upcoming holiday season set to tempt us, we all need to focus on our summer fitness goals.

An activity tracker is a great way to make sure you’re keeping in line. With reminders to move and calorie counting, there’s no ignoring these handy gadgets.

And whether you’re considering buying your first tracker or you’ve yet to find the right one, we’ve got you covered.

Here we explain why you should put the Garmin Vivofit 3 at the top of your Christmas wish list!

1. No Charging Necessary

With the new iPhone X offering wireless charging, we could be moving towards a future free from the wires and cables we’re currently entangled in.

But wouldn’t it be great if there was no need to charge your activity tracker at all?

Well, Garmin has granted your wish. The Vivofit 3 runs on a coin cell battery which lasts for a year and never needs charging.

With this feature, the Vivofit 3 offers a simple solution to a common modern problem. With no need to charge your Vivofit, there’s no chance that you’ll experience the charging problems that can occur with other trackers.

And, as you never need to plug your Vivofit 3 in, not even to set it up, it’ll always be working for you, ready and willing to remind you to get moving.

2. It Covers the Basics and Then Some

While smartwatches have become more advanced, sometimes it’s good to take things back to basics.

And the Garmin Vivofit 3 has all the basics covered and then some.

It counts steps, monitors sleep time and quality, and reminds you to move after an hour of activity.

The Vivofit also recognises when you move from one activity to another. You can record your times and performance if you move from a walk to a run without having to switch or set anything.

It’s then easy to sync the Vivofit 3 with the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone or computer to see your stats and progression.

But, unlike other basic fitness bands, the Vivofit 3 can also help you check your heart rate. You just need to connect it to any compatible heart rate monitor via Garmin’s ANT+ system.

What’s more, the Vivofit 3 takes the time to get to know your current fitness and activity level. From there it assigns you an attainable goal to meet for the next day, helping you strive for a healthier lifestyle.

3. Wearable 24/7

Since the Garmin Vivofit 3 is working for you 24/7, you want to be able to wear it anywhere and everywhere.

And, thanks to its lightweight design and interchangeable replacement bands, the Vivofit is perfect for anyone wanting to track their fitness without compromising on style.

It’s also water resistant to 5 ATM, or around 50 metres, making it perfect for summer’s long beach days ahead. And of course, you won’t need to worry about taking it off to shower, unlike some other fitness trackers.

Is the Garmin Vivofit 3 Right for You?

GPS-powered smartwatches can over-complicate fitness tracking with constant interruptions of calls and emails. And other fitness trackers can fall short when it comes to functionality and design.

But, thanks to its intelligent design and ease of use, plus the top-notch Garmin Connect experience, the Garmin Vivofit 3 is the perfect fit for you!

What’s your opinion on fitness trackers? Let us know by leaving a comment below, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

How To Replace And Clean Fitbit Flex Bands

22.295 million Fitbits were sold in 2016 and it’s little wonder. Fitbit is a great way to stay in shape, monitor your health, and look great doing it. Fitbit Flex bands are stylish and functional, but like any accessory, they require a little TLC every now and then.

Here’s a quick guide to cleaning and — when required — replacing your Fitbit band.


Keeping Fitbit Flex bands clean and dry can extend the lifetime of the band itself as well as keep your skin from becoming irritated. How you maintain the band will depend on what its made of. Here are some pointers specific to the common band materials.

Elastomer Bands

Elastomer Fitbit bands are great for everyday and hard workout use. Regular cleaning is a must for this type of band as it often comes into contact with sweat as you work out.

The band should be rinsed with water or wiped down with a small amount of rubbing alcohol after working out or sweating. It’s not recommended you use hand soap, dish soap, hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes or household cleaners as these can get trapped under the band and irritate your skin.

If the band accumulates a buildup of lotion or oils from sunscreen, moisturizers, etc, then cleaning with a soap-free cleanser is recommended.

The band should be thoroughly rinsed after each clean and dried well before being worn again.

Leather Bands

Leather Fitbit bands look great but aren’t recommended for hard workouts as they’re not sweat or water resistant.

To clean, simply wipe the band down with a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth. The cloth can be lightly dampened with water if required.

When drying the band be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. These can cause damage or discoloration of the band over time.

Metal Bands

Metal Fitbit Flex bands aren’t intended for high-intensity workouts or during sleep. This is because the metal material used isn’t water or sweat resistant.

To clean your metal band simply wipe it down with a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth. The cloth can be lightly dampened with water if needed. It’s not recommended you soak a metal band as this can cause discoloration or tarnishing.

Dry out of direct sunlight.

Nylon Bands

Nylon Fitbit Flex bands are great for use during normal, daily activity. Extended contact with water or sweat can impact the overall appearance and quality of the band.

To clean, use a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth. You can also hand wash the Fitbit band in cold water with mild soap if required. Make sure you rinse the band thoroughly.

The band should be air dried, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Replacing Fitbit Flex Bands

Fitbit bands are designed to be easily switched out, so replacing your old band is a walk in the park. If you need a new Flex band check out our range here

Just follow these 3 easy steps.

1. Remove the Fitbit

The Fitbit Flex itself can be accessed through a small slit on the back of the wristband. To remove the Fitbit Flex, pry the wristband slit open, bending the rubber of the band if needed, and gently remove the Fitbit.

2. Put on Your New Fitbit Band

Place your new Fitbit band on your wrist so that the outside of your wrist is close to the outside lights of the band. The lights should face you. Fit the band to your wrist until it sits comfortably.

3. Insert the Tracker

With your new wristband still on, insert your Fitbit tracker. The grey arrow on the Fitbit should be facing up as you insert it into the wristband. If positioned correctly, the arrow will point toward the holes of the band.

In Conclusion

Taking a few minutes out of your day to maintain your Fitbit band ensures it stays useful and stylish whether you’re on your morning jog or pitching the latest venture in the office.

Looking to get more out of your Fitbit? Check out this essential guide to Fitbit pay and get ready to buy your morning coffee with your smartwatch.

3 Reasons You Need The New Apple Watch 3

Apple continues to release groundbreaking products. They always create a buzz and promise to change the way people function in their everyday lives. The recent iPhone X and the Apple Watch 3 are no exception.

Apple’s new watch, released on September 22nd of 2017, sells for $399 with cellular service and $329 without. This third-generation device has many new features, convincing users that it’s worth every penny.

Here are the top three reasons why you don’t want to miss out the new Apple Watch 3.

1. Apple Watch 3 is the First to Offer Cellular Connection

Cellular connection allows you to use the Apple Watch 3 to access the internet, stream music, and even make phone calls without using your cell phone. This gives you the ability to download some of the most popular apps and access them throughout the day. Completing quick interactions right from your wrist brings a whole new level of convenience.

Are you planning to keep in shape for the summer by running or biking? You’ll enjoy the freedom and extra pocket room that comes from leaving your phone at home. Waterproof up to 50 meters, the Apple Watch 3 is ideal for swimming and other water sports.

Air pods wireless earbuds pair with your watch for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. You can even stream music right from your watch by downloading playlists or using Apple’s streaming music subscription.

2. Advanced Technology Offers a World of Possibilities

The Apple Watch 3 features a dual-core processor, making it 70 percent faster than the Apple Watch 2. The faster processing allows Siri to rapidly respond and provides an improved user experience. Other advances include wireless charging and improved heart rate monitoring.

Wireless Charging

In 2018, Apple plans to release the AirPower multi-device charging pad it. It will provide the convenience of charging your Apple watch, iPhone, and air pods with a single connection. Simply drop the devices on the pad and you’ll be up and running again in no time.

Improved Heart Rate Monitor

The Apple Watch 3’s new heart rate monitor provides information about your resting and recovery heart rates. Altering you if your heart rate goes outside normal levels during periods of inactivity offers a new level of safety.

The watch has new tracking abilities that can recognize high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and automatically group swimming laps.

3. Fashion-Forward Device with Superior Design

New case colours and designer Apple Watch bands, make it one of the most fashion-forward wearable devices. The watch face is completely customizable, allowing you to instantly see the information that is most important to you.

Choose from popular band designs including:

  • Sports bands
  • Woven nylon
  • Milanese loop
  • Link bracelet
  • Traditional leather

For even more options, check out the seemingly unlimited array of fashionable bands and protective cases available from third-party vendors.

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Image courtesy of Apple @ https://www.apple.com/apple-watch-series-3/

5 Summer Fitness Tips to Keep You in Shape

Summer is right around the corner and that’s why it’s time to amp up your summer fitness routine.

We all want to look good on the beach this summer.

But what’s more important than looking good is feeling good in your own skin and being healthy.

This guide will give you the top five summer fitness tips to keep you in tip-top shape through the summer months and beyond.

1) Look for At Home Workouts

Don’t have the money for a gym membership? No problem! Tons of websites offer free at home workout routines that can be done with little to no equipment.

Exercise is important both for your physical and mental wellbeing. Instead of saying you don’t have the time, schedule the time.

At the beginning of every week write down your workouts and rest days for all seven days.

Commit to your exercise routine and your body will thank you.

2) Guzzle Water

In the summer when it’s hot outside, your body is sweating constantly and needs water to replenish itself.

Carry a reusable water bottle around with you and refill it throughout your workday. Drinking adequate water will enable your cells to do their jobs. It will help fight infections as well as beautify your skin.

Not sure how much water to drink? Shoot for an ounce of water per pound of body weight.

3) Eat at Home

Eating at home helps with your summer fitness because it ensures you know exactly what ingredients you put in your body.

Spend Sunday preparing healthy meals for the week and then store them in your refrigerator. When you plan meals ahead of time, you’re less likely to cheat and order in.

Stick to lean proteins, whole carbs, and fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet.

4) Get a FitBit

Nothing keeps you more accountable than a FitBit that’s constantly buzzing on your wrist.

Fitbits help you keep track of your daily steps, exercise, and sleep patterns.

These devices will buzz at the end of every hour if you’ve been too sedentary.

5) Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is imperative to your fall fitness plan because it keeps your body and mind functioning properly.

It’s important you get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

If you fall behind on your sleep needs, you won’t feel like exercising and you’ll eat sugary foods to give you an energy boost.

Getting adequate sleep ensures you’re in the right frame of mind to make good choices about your health.

Fall Into Summer Fitness

If you follow the steps outlined in this article you’ll be on your way to feeling amazing this summer season.

Remembering fitness is a balance of eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

If you have any questions about this article or want to contact us for any reason please do so here.