4 Things You Need To Know About the Iphone 8

Ready for a new iPhone but not ready to say goodbye to the physical home button we all know so well?

Instead of getting caught up in the hype of the iPhone X, consider the iPhone 8.

The same day Apple introduced the iPhone X, they revealed the 8 and the Plus version. It’s most similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 7, but includes some improvements.

If you’re trying to figure out which iPhone is best for you, read these four key differentials you should know about the 8.

Wireless Charging

iPhone users have watched with envy for years as Android users have placed their phones down on a pad and they start charging.

The time has come for iPhone to do the same.

Thanks to its all-glass design, the iPhone 8 is now wireless-charging capable. This means it works with any Qi-compatible wireless charging stations like you see in airports or Starbucks.

That being said, don’t make wireless charging be the reason you go out and buy this phone.

Wireless charging won’t be your only option with the new iPhone. You can still charge the old-fashioned way and save yourself from buying a charging pad.


With the 8, Apple introduced A11 Bionic, a new and improved CPU. A11 Bionic has 4 core processors that work 70% faster than A10, the CPU in previous iPhones.

Its new GPU is also 30% faster than the previous version.

If you’re one of Australia’s 5.92 million mobile gamers, this is great news for you. The iPhone’s improved CPU and GPU make it a gamer’s ideal phone.

And, if you loved Pokemon Go, you’ll love this new iPhone for its enhanced AR capabilities. This was a smart move on Apple’s part as more AR games are coming to market.

Overall, these improvements in CPU and GPU result in a really fast phone. The fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate, and navigating between apps is even faster.

Better Battery

If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 7 or even 6S, you won’t notice much difference in battery capacity. However, if you’re coming from an iPhone 6 or lower, you’ll notice how much more battery storage you have.

With the new iPhone, you’ll get about 14 hours of talk time and 40 hours of audio playback. To get even more battery life, consider the iPhone 8 Plus which gives about 21 hours of talk time and 60 hours of audio playback.

It’s not revolutionary but is better if you’re coming from an older iPhone model.

Improved Cameras

The new iPhone has the best camera to date for an Apple smartphone.

On the 8’s Plus version, you’ll get a 12MP dual-camera that includes Portrait Lighting. This new program uses facial landmarking to enhance shadows, spotlight, and other portrait features.

Both the 8 and 8 Plus come with True Tone technology. This uses a four-channel light sensor to adjust the white balance on your phone’s screen to match the colour temperature around you.

Is the iPhone 8 For You?

If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 6 or earlier, you’ll notice the differences in the 8. With its improved battery, cameras, and CPU, it’ll feel like a completely new phone.

Another key difference between this phone and the iPhone X is the cost. If you’re not ready to shell out A$1,579 for the iPhone X, A$1,079 for the 8 is much easier to swallow.

Ready to take the plunge with the 8 or 8 Plus?

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4 Iphone 8 Apps You Need In Your Life

It’s a happy conundrum: You’ve got a shiny new phone, and you’re looking for the best iPhone 8 apps to fill it up with.

With so many different apps available on the market, it can be hard to know which are good and which you shouldn’t bother with. There’s nothing worse than downloading a new app and finding out it’s not exactly what you want.

Or worse yet, it’s one of those free apps that is full of ads and in-app purchases!

To help you out, we’ve created a short guide of the top four iPhone apps you need in your life. Read on to find out which made the list.

Four iPhone 8 Apps You Need Now

1. Google Photos

With a powerful, easy to use camera at your fingertips at all times, you may find your phone filling with pictures. And while your phone has plenty of space, you may not want to use it storing photos.

Luckily, Google Photos is the perfect solution.

Google Photos syncs with your phone to back-up and store all your photos and videos. You can then use the app to delete files from your phone, clearing up space.

2. 1Password

You probably already know how important it is to use different passwords for all your accounts. If you use the same one for everything, and it gets stolen… Well, that’s a disaster.

But you also know how hard it is to remember dozens of different passwords. That’s where 1Password comes in. It’s a free app that manages all your passwords for you.

It stores all your passwords in a “vault” on your phone, so you only need to remember one password. 1Password takes security seriously, triple protecting your info and keeping it secure.

3. Strava

Strava, which comes from the Swedish word for ‘strive’, is a must-have app for all fitness buffs. Strava is a social networking site that aims to bring athletes together and inspire them to meet their goals.

The app uses GPS to keep track of your miles as you workout. You can also compete in challenges, share photos and accomplishments, and follow friends on their fitness journeys.

And don’t be afraid to join if you’re just beginning to get in shape. Strava is for everyone interested in fitness and sports!

4. Micropolis!

Do you have a little bit of time to waste, or maybe you just don’t want to get sucked into a long game? With its simple design and quick gameplay, Micropolis is the perfect choice.

Micropolis is a fun and intuitive city building game. As you build your city, the game moves through time, allowing you to discover new cities and increasingly powerful technology.

Another cool feature of this game is that you can play it on your Apple Watch!

So Many iPhone 8 Apps, So Little Time

There you have it! Our top four iPhone 8 apps for everything from security to games.

And those barely scratch the surface of what’s available for your new phone. Did we miss your favourite app? Share it in the comments below!

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4 Awesome iPad Features You Should Know About

The iPad has become more than a luxury product. People love having this product because it makes business easier and connecting better.

It’s no wonder sales of the tablet are rising.

The reason for this is the wide variety of iPad features designed to make your career smoother and better. But don’t take our word for it. Look at these five amazing features.

The Apple Pencil: One of the Best Ipad Features for Designers

When it comes to the best new iPad features, the Apple pencil is the biggest game changer out there. While adding a stylus to the earth-shaking tablet seems like it’s not a big deal, it makes the system far better for business professionals.

By providing a new and more targeted form of input for your iPad, the pencil makes it easier to create. If you’re a graphic designer using your tablet, this can be incredibly beneficial.

But it isn’t just for artists. This item will make it easier to adjust numbers and navigate on a diverse range of works.

From sound editing to financial planning, this device will change the way you use your tablet.

Pressure Sensitivity

The new iPad has a lot more pressure sensitivity than previous models. And this is a game-changer for anybody who uses the device.

When it comes to touch, the force of your press should matter. Having a more sensitive screen will innovate by giving you the ability to take control of the technology.

From its iPad to the new iPhone, Apple is always changing the way we use their devices. This is just the latest example.

Share Documents on Video Chat

A lot of people use video chat for business. As they should. This is a growingly interconnected world, and people are working from home or away at an alarmingly high rate.

Because of video chat, we can have productive companies with employees all around the world. But there has been a delay on this front.

In the past, video chat did not allow people to share documents. This meant that employees would need to email referenced figures.

Today, you can send documents using FaceTime on your iPad. This is good news for professionals who know that, when it comes to productivity, every moment matters.

Make Annotations

The Apple pencil improves the iPad in so many ways. One of the best new iPad features to stem from it is the ability to annotate word documents, charts, and presentations.

You can use it just like your grade school teachers would. Circles, arrows, and words are all within your grasp.

This is great news for anybody who wants to provide quick and honest feedback to their employees.

Take Care of Your iPad

With a load of new features, you’ll love the new iPad. But if you’re using it a lot, you need to have the right accessories.

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How To Choose The Best Iphone 8 Case

Do you love your new iPhone 8? You’re not the only one. Apple sold an estimated 5.5 million iPhone 8s after it was released in September 2017.

These phones have incredible technology, but they’re still fragile, thanks to a glass back, fragile touchscreen and metal frame. So it’s important to get the right iPhone 8 case to protect your expensive investment.

Not sure which case to buy for your new phone? Let’s examine the options so you can make an informed decision.

Get An iPhone 8 Case That Matches Your Lifestyle

Your day-to-day life dictates the type of protective case you need for your new phone.

People with hands-on jobs (like in construction and other blue-collar fields) need a case that can withstand abuse, dirt, and drops from long distances.

These rugged cases can be pretty bulky, so they’re probably not the best choice if you work in an office. In those cases, you can find similar protective cases with lower profiles, meaning they won’t look out of place in your purse or wallet.

Look For Water-Repellant Cases

The first few generations of iPhones were sensitive to water — and even a small amount could destroy the device. Apple fixed that issue in recent years and made iPhones more resistant to water, but don’t push your luck.

Instead, look for cases that guarantee to keep water out when submerged or even dropped into a pool or bathtub.

Consider Your Personal Style

Gone are the days when you only had one or two options for iPhone cases. Now you can find a case that matches your style, ranging from camouflage cases (for avid hunters) to wood grain and marbled cases for trendy iPhone owners.

Some customizable cases even give you the ability to personalize them by adding photos, words, custom designs and even inspirational quotes.

Would you rather just show off your phone? You can add a clear case.

These cases offer the same protection as an opaque iPhone 8 case but are made with either high-grade plastic or tempered glass so you can show off your new device.

Go For Grip If You Constantly Hold Your iPhone

Part of the iPhone’s appeal is its sleek design, but it makes it easier to drop them (especially since the iPhone 8 has a glass back).

Combat that problem by outfitting your phone with a textured case made specifically for holding. These textured cases are designed to stay in your hand as long as you want it to, but also offer protection against accidental dropping.

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Screen, Too

A cracked iPhone screen can be replaced, but you can save time — and money — by protecting your screen with a shatter-proof screen protector made of tempered glass. Good screen protectors also have an oleophobic coating to keep fingerprints from smudging up your device.

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