NEW iPhone 7 Unboxing: Jet Black and Matte Black

It was only a week ago when Apple unveiled its latest iPhone on September 7. In 2016 we get what’s called the iPhone 7 – the newest device to be added to Apples range of iPhone’s. They quickly sold out in a matter of just 10 minutes, an un-boxing video, thanks to Marques Brownlee, has hit the web comparing the new iPhone 7 Jet Black (which might scratch easily) with the iPhone 7 Plus Matte Black. The video also runs us through the new iOS 10 operating system. Apple iPhone 7 Accessories are due to arrive shortly, and we can confirm older iPhone 6/6s cases or covers aren’t compatible with the new iPhone 7. Watch the unboxing below to get a better look at the latest iPhone and let us know if you’d still prefer the iPhone 6s or you will make the upgrade in the comments section!


11 thoughts on “NEW iPhone 7 Unboxing: Jet Black and Matte Black”

  1. I would have wanted a comparative specs between both phones rather than just colors. If I were buying this I will not care so much about colors but rather what this phone can do for me.

  2. I really love the jet black feature that the phone has. Like I think most phones are a little too bland with their white and grey skins. At last something different and striking was introduced.

  3. I love the matte version more. I love the glossy one but it leaves finger prints that you want to swipe your phone on your pants to get rid of it. Very simple review but very helpful. Thanks.

  4. Great vid, I never got the iphone 7, in fact I am not an iphone user at all currently. But your video has given me much insight and I just my go out and purchase one!

  5. The latest iPhone sure looks nice. But I still don’t see why Apple had to get rid of the headphone jack. Is that so we’ll be forced to buy those awful AirPods that’re so easy to lose?

    No thanks but I’m sticking it out with my iPhone 6S, buddy.

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